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Get successful on the Internet with clickTributes funeral business solutions

My name is Ron Arsenault and I am the founder of clickTributes

We develop world-class marketing solutions and website platforms, from offices in Western Canada, that enable independent funeral service providers like you to grow business revenue on the Internet.

It's important to listen. It's how we at clickTributes create a top-flight plan that's right for you. It's how we learn your special needs and your measurements of success. From mock-up to implementation to ongoing support we work with you every day, every step of the way.

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Here is a staggering statistic to help you transform your business

Over 85% of consumers search online for local businesses. But, here is where it get's interesting.
The leading edge of the "baby boom" generation (those born 1946-1964) will turn 68 in 2014 --- they view the most content; spend the most time online; and get connected with high speed Internet access.

How do you think they view your business, when they are looking for a funeral provider in your community?

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