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Build strong bonds with people in your market place, so they choose your business when they need it most

Get more than a website. Some websites are just about company history, staff and facilities. A great funeral website is much more: It educates visitors on the importance of a funeral service ---  how ever the family chooses that to be; it shows that a funeral is for the family and friends still here; it celebrates a life well lived with images of family memories, stories and relationships; it opens the door to the grief-healing journey; it creates intuitive touch-points between prospects and the funeral business.

Get clickTributes website platform, marketing tools, hosting and more. Each website package is packed with content that creates value for your business and your families. We even keep the website up-to-date for you, so you can do what you do best --- help people through the most difficult time of their life.

Unlike competitors, clickTributes:

creates significant new revenue streams

differentiates your business from the competition

saves your valuable time and effort

nurtures relationships with prospects in the community

communicates the value of a funeral ceremony

supports your families on the grief-healing journey, and

is fast and easy to use



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