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“Ron, we are so proud to be part of the clickTributes family because you and your staff treat us as one of your own. You gave us complete control over what we have on the site, and the public response has been far more than we ever expected. The ideas and suggestions you gave us have increased our business HUGELY!!! We have been chosen by many families because they saw the website, while doing their research, and they LOVED how easy it is for them to use. We do to. It is the most complete funeral business site in our area, nothing has been left undone. I can't thank you enough for the website, it’s live streaming capabilities and your outstanding customer service. We are the only funeral provider in our area able to live stream and the response is fantastic!”
~ Eric Toneff, Owner & Funeral Director – Toneff Funeral Services, British Columbia ~

"Big compliments from the family on the webcast. The people who viewed from Europe and elsewhere thought it was the greatest! 139 views! Thanks again."
Jeff Everden, Owner & Funeral Director – Eversdenrust Funeral Services, British Columbia ~

"I initially started my business website by self-designing and administering my site from an online provider. Although the cost was fair it was a lot of work to keep it up and most importantly I needed the tributes feature to offer my families. I enlisted clickTributes on the recommendation of a colleague who had been using them and were very satisfied. I must say Ron made the switch absolutely seamless and I couldn't be more pleased with the end product. The number of hits on the website are phenomenal and I have received numerous positive comments on the site."
~ Chris Benesch, Owner & Funeral Director - Earth's Option Cremation and Burial Services, British Columbia ~

"I've used other memorial systems over the years and was searching for something better. That's how I found clickTributes. It’s elegant, easy to navigate, saves time and best of all it's got exciting new revenue possibilities like live streaming and DVD’s. Now I can connect my clients with their friends and family anywhere in the world, on my website."
~ Harold Wallace, Owner & Funeral Director - H. W. Wallace Cremation and Burial Centre, British Columbia ~

"The clickTributes web site development process is a clear winner. And, their memorialization tools work just like a billboard promoting the value of our funeral services. Our families really like it too. I recommend clickTributes to any funeral business that needs a professional web solution."
~ Robert Sylvester, Owner & Funeral Director - Thompson Funeral Service, British Columbia ~

"I'm very happy to have invested in clickTributes. It's provided an excellent and important support service to my clients, and introducing this powerful tool to our business was easy and quick to do. I would recommend clickTributes to anyone who wishes to help client families on their grief journey."
~ Drake Smith, Owner & Funeral Director - North Thompson Funeral Services, British Columbia ~

"The clickTributes are a great asset to our business. We have received lots of compliments... I like how it adds value to our funeral services and I'd say 98% of our clients do too."
~ Daryn Pottinger, Owner & Funeral Director- Nunes-Pottinger Funeral Services, British Columbia ~

“clickTributes has a simple process for managing client details and great memorialization tools that complement my funeral services. I highly recommend them.”
~ Kelly Turzanski, Owner & Funeral Director - Northern Lights Funeral Chapel, Alberta ~

“The LIVESERVICE streaming broadcast went excellent - family was very impressed! VERY IMPRESSED!”

~ Jason Everden, General Manager & Funeral Director - Everden Rust Funeral Services, British Columbia ~

"clickTributes is easy to use and complements our client services. You guys are great to work with -- professional yet relaxed and fun. We get it, and so do our families.”
~ Lorraine Flint, General Manager & Funeral Director - Mark Memorial Funeral Services, British Columbia ~

"When I started talking to you about clickTributes, I said it had to be simple to work with. And, you delivered. clickTributes is simple, simple, simple and I'm impressed with the positive feed back we are getting from the community!"
~ Patrick Gisle, Owner & Funeral Director - Stubberfield Funeral Home, British Columbia ~

"I am writing to inform you how pleased we are with our clickTributes program. The ease to set it up and the attention to detail is amazing. We really appreciate the way it is so user friendly. The families we serve are commenting on how great it looks. Some families have been getting tributes from people their loved one knew many years ago.”
~ Bill Everden, Founder & Funeral Director - Everden Rust Funeral Services, British Columbia ~

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